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Born in Paris to a depressed, unwed opera singing mother and a Vietnamese father whom she never knew, Brigitte grew up among poverty and racial discrimination. Deeply ashamed of herself, she fabricated a new identity, unknowingly developing a gift for story telling.

At 14, she ran away to Italy for the summer. When she came back her mother and her two sisters had been evicted and the house was empty. Suddenly homeless, Brigitte survived by stealing food, clothes and books, to educate herself. After a year of vagabondage, she was rescued off the streets by a kind, Russian aristocrat who became her surrogate father. Ironically, she was now living the life she’d had invented, but a lingering emptiness loomed inside, as she still could not own her truth. So she ran away again.

In the 80s, she moved to Los Angeles to study acting with Lee Strasberg, despite knowing little English. After one year, she spoke English fluently and could write. This allowed her to produce and star in an acclaimed play, the Girl on the Via Flaminia with fellow peers Sean Penn and Meg Tilly.

But she was still running away from truth and this was wearing her down. She needed to change. It was at an EST seminar that she able to tell the truth about who she really was. Her journey toward healing had begun.

In the 90’s she worked as a screenwriter while dreaming of making her own film. In 1999 she realized that dream, producing and directing a film in Texas, but the dream soon became a nightmare.  She allowed her crew to take over and realized she had no voice to speak her truth. Disheartened, she abandoned the project and returned to Los Angeles broke, in debt and homeless once again. Desperate for answers, Brigitte travelled to Death Valley. One night, she had a vision in the desert with a voice telling her to paint to heal herself. The voice said, “do absolutely nothing, let your hand be guided.” Surrendering to the voice, Brigitte began painting and her repressed inner child came out in an explosion of colors and other worldly forms. Out of this process, a book of paintings and poetic dialogue emerged, Head in the Clouds – the result of a profound healing with her mother. She self-published it under the name, “Vita.”

Louise Hay hailed the book as “a truly inspiring book showing the inner workings of a healed heart through magnificent paintings.” In 2005, Head in the Clouds was distributed in such prominent bookstores as Book Soup and the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles. She also received accolades from Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Michael Beckwith and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Passionate about helping others find their own voice; Brigitte developed the Playshop, a healing art workshop based on her own process. She has successfully taught the Playshop in Los Angeles and then in Woodstock, NY, where she moved in 2006. Out of the 2000 books that were printed, 1000 have been sold. In Woodstock, Brigitte realized her childhood dream of playing the piano. She now composes her own music and is currently writing her second book, The Magical Awakenings of Ananda.


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